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Who am I? August 16, 2011

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Do you ever wonder who you are?

Somedays I’m just not sure.  Am I the happy-go-lucky, nothing-gets-me-down, always smiling girl I feel like on the inside?  Am I the girl who likes to go out with friends and have a drink every now and then?  Am I the girl who loves Jesus and wants to scream it from the mountaintop?  Am I the girl that feels like she’s constantly getting walked on?  Am I the girl that wants the courage to put a stop to being walked on?

I feel like there’s 12 different “me’s”…and I can’t find a way to mold them all together to just be ME.  Just one me.  That’s what I want.  But when I’m with this set of friends, I have to conform to how they are.  When I’m with another set of friends, I have to be more like them.

If you were to ask me who I was….how would I describe myself?


I would say I am constantly happy even though I don’t always show it.  I am shy, vulnerable, not confident.  I love Jesus, I believe in God but I don’t believe in everything the Bible has to say.  I like to have a few drinks but I don’t like to get drunk.  I believe in fairy tales and I believe mine is coming.  I believe in love and happily ever after.  I believe bad things can happen to good people and I believe that amazing things can happen to bad people.

How do I find a way to be me and stay me, no matter who I’m with?  Do I just have to be strong?  Is it that simple?  I don’t know.   But I want to try.

I just really want to be ME.  No holds barred.  No strings.  Take it or leave it.  That’s my goal.


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