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Renewal and celebration. January 22, 2011

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My mom (and stepdad) got me a book for Christmas called “Hugs. Daily Inspirations and Words of Promise”.  It’s basically an inspirational book with Bible verses and little stories for each day of the year.

I COMPLETELY forgot about it until today when it caught my eye.  I grabbed it up as I left for my sister’s house, thinking I’d have a chance to browse through the days I’d missed after the kids went to bed.  Well, of course, I didn’t–we turned on a movie and I had some pictures to edit so it stayed in my backpack.  When I got home, I opened my backpack and saw it sitting in there.  I pulled it out and opened it up to today.  I had planned on perusing the previous 20 days I had missed but decided to start with today.  I’m going to share the whole message from that day before I say anything else:


Bible verse: “Behold, I am making all things new.”  –Revelation 21:5

Message: “Each new day offers countless opportunities to celebrate life and to serve God’s children.  But each day also offers many opportunities to fall prey to the distractions of our age.
Ours is a society brimming with distraction that threaten to distance us from God.  In response to these distractions, our challenge is straightforward: we should focus on God’s promises, on His will for our lives, and on His blessings.  When we do, our everyday duties will become a cuase for celebration.  And when we trust God to lead us and guide us, He will renew us, just as the psalmist said in the familiar words of Psalm 23.
So today, honor your Creator by making your life a celebration.  After all, your talents are unique, as are your opportunities.  So the best time to really live–and really celebrate–is now.”


You see what I see, right?  Does this message not fit exactly into what I’ve been saying since I started this blog?  Newness.  Energy.  Faith.  Trust.  Celebration.  It’s all what I’ve been feeling.  I fully admit that I will often try to find signs in things that just aren’t.  But you can’t tell me this is just a coincidence–this was the purpose of my new blog.

It’s good.  Really good.


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