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step forward. January 20, 2011

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I know I’ve been absent for a couple days.  Promise that will change soon 🙂  I have lots of things mulling about in my mind that I want to talk about but I have just been so busy I haven’t had a spare second to sit down and get it all out.


Let’s put it this way.  Some things have happened that would normally make the ‘old me’ completely give up on the ‘new me’.  Nothing outrageous and nothing horrible.  Just little things that are honestly so little, they shouldn’t even rate but…they do…so I will talk about them.  Because this is me right?  Anywho, they are just such small things and, any other time, I would have said “ok…well, that’s not going the way I wanted” or “that wasn’t supposed to happen” that I would have just given up.  But not this time! I’m still so invigorated and excited about life.  That’s a sign to me.


So excited.  Future, here I come.


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