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off topic. January 16, 2011

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I’m going to be off topic for a minute.

Well, I guess I’m not really off topic since this is my blog and I get to write about what I want 🙂  But, in terms of what I have been and intend to write about, this will be off topic.

I don’t think I’ve wanted anything more than I want to be a photographer.  It was never in my plans.  It was never included in my schooling, it was never in my future.  Sure, I LOVED taking pictures.  I always had a camera, no matter where I was.  But it wasn’t for any reason other than I wanted to remember those really great moments.  The ones that are always there in your mind but you wish you had on paper.  So I brought my camera with me.

But being a photographer.  As a career.  It was never in my plans.  It wasn’t a profession I sought out. It wasn’t a profession I ever considered.  It just wasn’t something I wanted.  And then it fell into my lap.  I can’t possibly think of a career that I would enjoy more than being a photographer.  (Hmm…maybe this is a second thing I never thought I needed??)

The truth is, it’s hard to start your own business.  Any business, really.  But photography especially.  People don’t understand why you have to charge the prices you do (I’ll get into that someday)…but I think the most frustrating thing is that I would do this for free if I could.  But I can’t.  I still have to pay the bills.  I want to move out into my own place.  I want to have a successful business.  I want to have a successful photography business.  I eat, breathe and sleep photography.  It’s borderline (or past?) obsession.

I want it.  And I will get it.


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